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Horses for courses

For Harry it is looking after the grounds, digging and keeping the lower garden tidy. For Rene, it is looking after the terrace including putting furniture away for the night. For Ron it is being outside doing what he loves most – contributing using his skilful hands and patience to paint our numerous wooden surfaces. With a short break today for a fitness class (yes!), Ron painted the rabbit hatch and more storage boxes. Thank you Ron, they look fab!


New Garden Fixtures?

Few people wondered if we have had any new garden furniture brought in – benches, chairs and whether any replacement of bannisters happened.

The answer is RON who spent the last couple of weeks outside giving the garden furniture lots of TLC. And the result is as you can see – new looking bannisters and benches. Thank you RON

IMG_2587 IMG_2589 IMG_1968IMG_2588

Spring and Easter Chicks

Bettie decided Easter is a good time for the two resident ‘chicks’ to get a makeover. Today’s sunshine and an afternoon in the garden with the drama group, socialising and afternoon coffee was the perfect setting. We think the ‘chicks’ look great!

IMG_1872 IMG_1875 IMG_1879

The garden is open for business, When Harry met Ron and Bunny and Spring

Bliss, finally a beautiful day. Morning  fitness with Mick, and there was a dash to the beach.  The sun so warm we spilled out straight after lunch and it was only rain that pushed us back inside at 3.15pm! Gerry and Reg took a walk and fed the fish. Meg helped with sweeping.

Ethel and Ethne loved listening to the spring sounds  and views (yes, daffodils!) , Kay and Betty chatting away and all four watching men at work.  And men we did have! Ron continued with digging out what was a very big and prickly shrub and Harry helping out and supervising. And as you would expect they moved after that to discuss the important aspects of wisteria 🙂  It was great to see both Harry and Ron enjoying doing something they love and enjoying each other’s company. And if that was not enough Harry has now got a second garden mate – Bunny. Where do you find Bunny on the terrace? Under the raised beds cleaning the paving 🙂

And the gardening was followed by another wonderful live music session / music quiz. As usual Eileen and Clare enjoyed the music tremendously watching John’s playing. We all had a super day!Let’s pray for more days like that…

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Keeping up with Ron

Yesterday the ramp to the vegetable garden and the lawn looked as you would expect after winter – lots of weeds and moss.  No more though! Having checked out the shed, tools and the area Ron went outside after lunch where he stayed until it started raining 3hours later. He came back in with rosy cheeks for a cuppa and a cake.

Harry has finally found a second garden mate! Bunny being the first.

IMG_1619 IMG_1620