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Keeping everybody safe

It was very nice to received an email about a families experience with our new Summerhouse / Visiting pod.
Thank you, and we are so happy you found it beneficial.

Email from Chris, a relative of one of our residents:
“I came to visit Mum yesterday and just wanted to let you know what a good job everyone has done with the new Summer house!
I could hear Mum perfectly and she could hear me; I spoke directly into the
microphone and she soon settled down.
We moved our chairs close to the screen, so actually in that way it was
better than the gazebo because with no table in between we were physically closer although, of course, still very safe.
Please could you thank everyone involved with planning, building and
furnishing the Summer house – what a good idea!
Many thanks,
Sent from my iPad”

Our Quacks are all grown up!

Look at them around 5-6 weeks ago, wow they don’t stay ducklings for long.

A dogs day

When a doggy comes to visit, everybody wants in on the action.

Our New Visiting Pod

Work is well underway with our new Covid secure visiting pod/summerhouse. We are now just installing some heating and a little furniture, and should be ready soon.

A window into our every day

We have so much going on every day, from taking care of our pets, indulging in our favourite hobbies, having a sing-a-long on karaoke, dancing or simply having fun.