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time for undivided attention….

with cuddles and some pampering

IMG_20170321_121633 IMG_20170321_123926

Beautiful spring art in the Lodge

Keep an eye for some amazing spring blossom painted in the Lodge as part of the Friday art club. They are wonderful!

IMG_20170324_172406 IMG_20170324_172411 IMG_20170324_172443


Our art group at the cottage had a go at pebble art under the guidance of Angie. Some beautiful pieces this week which will be varnished next time and displayed in the garden.Keep an eye on them in the garden.




IMG_20170322_143719 IMG_20170322_143752 IMG_20170322_143726IMG_20170322_143653

What is it about the tables in the Lodge?!

So what is it with those tables in the Lodge? Magic …? Or may be the combination of our wonderful staff and residents who love being busy, useful, chatting, reading, discussing…….

IMG_20170321_114014 IMG_20170321_114747 IMG_20170321_115721 IMG_20170322_103308 IMG_20170322_103320 IMG_20170324_120609IMG_20170323_111756IMG_20170322_112122IMG_20170322_112201IMG_20170322_112230IMG_20170322_113350IMG_20170322_113416IMG_20170322_112100

We always find time for music and fitness in the Lodge

Our well loved choir brings smiles on people’s faces, our disco gets everyone going until we get too tired to dance, and our fitness with Mark is not only such a good laugh but helps to keep us fit!

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