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the wool requires patience (I cannot do it!), sense of humour, good hands and can be a very sociable experience. Harry and Margaret have almost done it…


Let’s get those arms and legs moving

with as ever charismatic Mark! A funny, energetic and very sociable fitness class.

IMG_20170126_153615 IMG_20170126_153623 IMG_20170126_151616 IMG_20170126_151532 IMG_20170126_151515

That’s the way to do Margaret!


Marion and Elsie

lost themselves in decorating the biscuits and being creative. Everyone else enjoyed eating them later on!

IMG_20170124_112704 IMG_20170124_113538_1CS

On a cold frosty morning

A harbour view cafe with great views works great and short walk in quiet lanes, away from the wind get everyone walking

IMG_20170120_121636 IMG_20170120_121612 IMG_20170120_150114 IMG_20170120_150027