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elegant and loving shopping. Betty goes regularly and always comes back with great bargains. I want to know her secret…. Today’s day out with Tracy and Ash was no different. Betty came back with earrings and almost a whole new wardrobe  😀 and showed off two of the new jackets. Classy!

IMG_2412 IMG_2413 IMG_2418 IMG_2420

And the one became three……

chickens that is. Our single lonely hen now has two other mates. Chris brought them in on Thursday. The first few days were all about establishing the pecking order and now all three are friends and laying eggs!


wood stain search

from BQ where Harry bumped into Lynn and Karen to Kings leaving with much more



Spoiling Sinbad

Sinbad deserves the best. a trip to Pet’s world for treats and essentials

20140322-050734.jpg 20140322-050726.jpg 20140322-050709.jpg 20140322-050657.jpg

So what have we got here then said Rene to himself

going inside RNLI empty hanger to inspect its contents

IMG_1835 IMG_1830 IMG_1826 IMG_1824 IMG_1833