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An art session with Angie really brings out the Van Gogh in you.

Is that a Renoir?

Wow the lettuce has grown well, we know whats for dinner today :-)

When Norman & Ian danced together, there was lots of laughter, great fun to the amusement of everybody.

A little 1 to 1 time with some of the pets at Rose Lodge

Tinker is such a beautiful dog
with a wonderful temperament

Guinea pigs are so soft and cuddly,
stroking them can be very therapeutic

Looking after the chickens,
I wonder if we will find any eggs today?

Down to Exmouth beach because it is easily in reach, we visit frequently, and all love it absolutely.

Of course I’d like to come to the sea-front, as long as i’m wrapped up and kept warm, summer is not quite here yet!

Captain Marvel, you look dappa in that hat Dennis

Admiring the spectacular views across the Estuary

A visit is always something to look forward to, it makes you feel especially thought of.