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New Year and a special present for everyone

We welcomed 2017 in true Rose Lodge style – fireworks, Buck Fizz, mince pies, Vienna concert and a very special present created with lots of love by Adrian. Two photo albums with memories of trips and parties, already treasured by everyone.

We hear that that some people would like to purchase a copy of the book – please contact Joanna about that.

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Is this another Xmas event?

One would have thought so…. No, just another sociable, relaxed and still busy morning at the Lodge

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An Old Rocker at the Cottage – welcome Nigel

Nigel moved in yesterday to our community in the Cottage and it feels he has been there for ages. Tony, our guitarist has a new groupie – Nigel admitted he is an old rocker and he loved the music! At this rate Nigel will be running soon! Welcome Nigel

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Looking after our lounge

Keeping the mornings busy with looking after the flowers and and sorting out the laundry

img_20161107_112003-001 img_20161107_112019-001

Express your creativity

with flowers or seasonal crafts! Margaret loves her flower arranging

img_20161102_121742 img_20161102_121705 img_20161102_121651