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Still not sure, some sun today staying outside and enjoying the garden but the air does not feel summery at all.  Still, we had another great day today.

IMG_1055 IMG_1056Summer

Harvest time

Our garden is looking lush at the moment – rhubarb, strawberries, herbs and the yummy herbs are waiting to be picked!

IMG_1044 IMG_1041 IMG_1043

Happiness is a dog called Sophie


National Tai Chi Gold Medallist in Rose Lodge

Nick has been coming to do Tai Chi for almost a year now. We just found out that Nick is a UK Gold Medallist in Tai Chi – a title he won only recently in London. How cool is that!!



Rosina has been coming to Rose Lodge for a while and is now staying in the cottage. It looks like Rosina and Joan are really enjoying their company as one can see them often sitting together in the library chatting. Welcome Rosina!