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No wonder we all need a weekend here…..

I get tired just looking at the photos of what everyone gets upto, and it is only a snapshot of a Friday morning! Oh dear! LOL

IMG_20170224_145749 IMG_20170224_122826 IMG_20170224_122750 IMG_20170224_122738 IMG_20170224_115724IMG_20170223_165525 IMG_20170224_114201 IMG_20170224_114116 IMG_20170224_114036 IMG_20170223_165538 IMG_20170223_114129 IMG_20170223_114106 IMG_20170223_114100IMG_20170223_114001 IMG_20170223_113914 IMG_20170223_113816 IMG_20170222_161036 IMG_20170222_161026IMG_20170223_114015


met Angie, her free spirit rubbed off and finally we let go and enjoyed doodling and painting. We meet again next week!

IMG_20170222_140528 IMG_20170222_143454IMG_20170222_143407IMG_20170222_145932 IMG_20170222_145924 IMG_20170222_145917 IMG_20170222_144455 IMG_20170222_144422 IMG_20170222_144407 IMG_20170222_143313 IMG_20170222_140539

We swapped disco for a spot of competition…..

as Tony was not well. It involved cans, bowling and sherry as a prize for winners. It is no surprise to anyone that Dennis won! Coral though was right behind him lol

IMG_20170222_153551 IMG_20170222_153421_1CS IMG_20170222_150925 IMG_20170222_145726 IMG_20170222_145419S

It is the simple things that matter

friends and family, warmth, laughter, fresh air,freedom to go out and enjoy the wind, the views and even cold air…..

IMG_20170217_120213 IMG_20170217_120138 IMG_20170217_120124 IMG_20170217_114449 IMG_20170217_114356 IMG_20170217_114300

IMG_20170217_114224 IMG_20170217_114147IMG_20170216_105429

IMG_20170216_115311 IMG_20170216_115247 IMG_20170216_114938 IMG_20170216_114714 IMG_20170216_105412 IMG_20170216_104918IMG_20170222_115615

IMG_20170222_115542 IMG_20170222_115119 IMG_20170222_115104 IMG_20170222_103210 IMG_20170222_102115 IMG_20170222_102145

Welcome Don

Don (also known as Gordon) is a chicken expert (we are told he used to have over 200!) and already managed to get our 4 chickens follow him onto the Cottage terrace and feed them! Don enjoys our garden, fresh air, reading. Welcome Don!

IMG_20170224_142949 (1)

IMG_20170224_122809 IMG_20170224_122815IMG_20170222_161047 IMG_20170224_150300 IMG_20170224_145715