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Pyromaniac Ron

helping Karen to get rid of office paper in beautiful October sun. Thank you!

IMG_4204                         IMG_4203

A lovely morning with new music

We enjoyed a lovely morning today listening and singing along to new music. Lots of new songs which (surprise, surprise) Kay, Harry and John knew by heart. After all this time we should not be surprised anymore.

IMG_4194 IMG_4193 IMG_4187 IMG_4185 IMG_4168 IMG_4163 IMG_4161 IMG_4159

Halloween or Spring?

We have been carving Halloween pumpkins for the fireworks party in the sunny lit garden and enjoying the weather with hundreds of others on the seafront. Are we going to have the party in the green tomorrow lol

IMG_4196 IMG_4201 IMG_4149 IMG_4151 IMG_4154 IMG_4157 IMG_4188loween

Harry and Ron

Feel happy, at home and free outdoors; somehow they have not been made for indoor lifestyle. Betty keeps them company

IMG_4101 IMG_4107 IMG_4105 IMG_4104 IMG_4106

We have been Tinkanised

IMG_4099 IMG_4137 IMG_4142 IMG_4088 IMG_4131 IMG_4089 IMG_4138 IMG_4108