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Shopping Date at Rose Lodge

Shopping spree with your loved one with no hustle, stress and fitting rooms? Over coffee/tea or wine and some irresistible cakes?


We have a mobile clothes sale here On October 9th 2-4.30pm. The clothes are for ladies and gents, include some footwear, are sensibly priced (we are told) and include underwear. 


Blackberries, mmmm

After blackberry tasting enough was left for apple and blackberry pie  :-D. August so fas had been great f0r harvesting with plenty of rhubarb, marrows and courgettes lovingly prepared by residents for puddings, soups and suppers.

IMG_3738 IMG_3740 IMG_3741

Harvest time

Marrow soup and rhubarb crumble for lunch tomorrow – yummy…… 😆 courtesy of Jan, Kay and Elsie

 IMG_3702 IMG_3699 IMG_3701


A blank Canvas….

demolition has started this week in preparation for building our new community – the Cottage at Rose Lodge.


What is going on?!

The activity behind the fence in the garden increased today and we could not stop ourselves from trying to see what this is all about. The builders have moved, the demolish ion started and this afternoon we were very tolerant when it came to noise pollution; it did not stop us from having a nice afternoon  😆

IMG_3689 IMG_3693 IMG_3690 IMG_3688 IMG_3695