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And the winner is Reg!

A very popular and enjoyable morning at GWRSA club; educational too. We learnt about the finer points of nail parlours and very complicated techniques, talked about Paris where Amber is going to soon and then and a great game of skittles.

Congratulations to Reg – 1st place, followed by Ron.


IMG_5158 IMG_5154 IMG_5149

Chris’s Morris Minor

It was great to have Chris’s company this morning when he joined the book club/puzzle club table alongside Rene. Our puzzles stood the test of time – they attract new puzzle enthusiasts and are being enjoyed by the residents and staff alike.

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Taste of the spring

Today’s lovely weather did draw us out. Throughout the day people kept coming in and out taking stroll in the sun. Harry and Janet enjoyed a stroll in the garden and morning coffee while being entertained by Tinka. Margaret did gardening in the afternoon sun, planting new flowers for the dining room and planting dwarf sunflower seeds which should germinate quickly on the window sill. Jan explored the garden too several times throughout the day. Bliss

IMG_5148 IMG_5146

Our new posh greenhouse

has paved path inside so that there is no need for muddy shoes and paving stones leading to it. All lovingly created by Ron! And now the paving is taking shape outside the big shed



Getting ready for the gardening season

with our greenhouse beyond salvation and the calendar racing ahead we went to the garden centre to get a new greenhouse and some seeds that should arts us off. We will be growing tomatoes again this year after a very successful crop from tomatoes planted by Ron. This year we have three varieties including beef which we will grow in the greenhouse. We also got dwarf sunflower seeds. Ron is already busy sorting our the greenhouses and within the new few days we will start sowing!

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