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Daily check of the garden

If you come to us often you noticed by now that Ron is in the garden everyday – looking after the animals, plants and fish and getting his hands dirty helping out. I cannot image the garden without Ron!


A wonderful Indian Summer afternoon in the garden

Today was a super day and the garden was busy all day with people working (*thanks Gavin and Colin), feeding chickens and fish, taking strolls and in the afternoon enjoying a song or two. Others took to the beach. Rain, rain, rain stay away…….

img_20161025_153358 img_20161025_153511 img_20161025_153517 img_20161025_153725 img_20161025_153734 img_20161025_153346 img_20161025_153342img_20161022_150227img_20161022_154812

While some like gentle work…..

IMG_2391 IMG_2389 IMG_2383 IMG_2381 IMG_2370

Gentle garden work in the afternoon sun

IMG_2364 IMG_2361 IMG_2366 IMG_2367

Nothing can beat eating your own grown fruit

straight from the branch  🙂

IMG_2358 IMG_2359