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Living, community, needed and useful, happiness…….

We all search for the meaning in our lives and so often the answers are in front of us among the small and not so glamorous things we do.

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Is making friends, enjoying our garden and we think might sign up for garden watering duty!


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That Royal Wave takes some practice and experience

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We are the chickens Kieran?

It is great to see men spending time together in the garden and especially nice to see Bill discussing the finer points of chickens with his recent friend Kieran! Oh no, it looks a bit like Tinker LOL

IMG_1182 IMG_1181

Amazing Love Story – Goodbye Ms Barlow, welcome Mrs Lockley!

Jo and Dan have known each other since they were children. When Jo was 13 years old they started going out together. 15 years later, on their anniversary, Jo Barlow married her childhood sweetheart Dan in a beautiful ceremony at St John in the Woods. Who said such love does not exist anymore?!

We now have the job of remembering Jo’s new name which will not be easy. Jo has been working at Rose Lodge for just over 10 years from the age of 18!!! Jo built her career in care becoming one of our Heads of Care. Congratulations Mrs Lockley!!!!