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A perfect way to spend an evening

One does not need that much to have an enjoyable time – good company, chat and a puzzle. Perfect evening

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Party season

Party season starts for us in April with St George’s day and another party, this time family garden party is soon upon us. 11th June – garden party to celebrate Queen’s Birthday. Everyone is welcome!

We have a busy period ahead of us with trips to the Country Life Museum in Exmouth by the Cottage and the Lodge, trips to Exmouth Pavilion shows and of course Exmouth Festival!

I realised we did not have shots from our St George’s lunch until last night….

IMG_20160422_131917 IMG_20160422_130903 IMG_20160422_123822 IMG_20160422_123741

Is it really spring?

So far spring has been disappointing with only few warm days when we could spill into the gardens… What is going on? May be we will have good summer?

IMG_20160505_112137 IMG_20160505_111414 IMG_20160505_111340 IMG_20160505_111321 IMG_20160505_110905 IMG_20160505_110908 IMG_20160505_111019 IMG_20160505_111028

Those naughty chickens

scratching away everything in the garden. Still, Margaret loves coming to visit and feed them…



That much? Really? Terrible

Joan is very sociable and is well liked by everyone. She loves chatting to people and enjoyed our shopping trip to the garden centre, and tea and cake too lol

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