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It is good to be back

It was windy and brisk and beautiful sunny, and we did make it along the seafront to the cafe.

IMG_9844 IMG_9845 IMG_9847

New members of the choir

You will all be pleased to see that Tinka has now joined the choir. We also noticed Betty P. joining today with some songs from the lounge while looking after Tinka when she collapsed from all that hard work. Joan also joined the choir today and now Naomi has a groupie – Joan loves Naomi…..

IMG_9731 IMG_9738 IMG_9737 IMG_9734 IMG_9732

It is where there is action

Our tables are like magnets – it is where people gather to chat, drink tea, read paper, do the crossword and be sociable!

IMG_9699 IMG_9700 IMG_9702 IMG_9705

A beautiful spring morning in January!

We were out walking, soaking up the sun, taking tea and cake on the terrace. Amazing!!!

IMG_9727 IMG_9721

Peggy’s Christmas presents

Peggy loved her second Christmas present from her granddaughter – an amazing flower bouquet and everyone in the room admired it too!

IMG_9697 IMG_9696