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Time to harvest and chop

Pam, Brenda and Jane started harvesting the beans and getting them to the kitchen in time for lunch. Yummy!

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Our weekly live music

Some prefer to listen and enjoy memories with their favourite songs – you could see Geoffrey, Valerie and Peggy miles away with smiles on their faces…. Others prefer to boogy…..Our Wednesday afternoons

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Welcome Jack

Wonderful conversationalist, wide range of interests, lots of interesting stories to share, loves art, well travelled, sociable, super smile – welcome Jack!

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All hands on deck

in the garden enjoying the sun and morning coffee. We love summer!

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Finding your place

People in the cottage tend to settle down quickly and find their own place and role in our community. Peggy tends to take care of drying and washing. Peter on the other hand takes care of watering the garden. The days are busy and have meaning…

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