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It was a day when many people were spending time in the garden,
whilst a few were busy making cakes for tea on the terrace.
Afterwards a little personal attention with some nail polishing
brought some lovely smiles.
And our knitting circle with David is getting some attention 🙂

When you have friends who become a family.
Sometimes spending a little time together and having a little chat makes you feel warm inside and those moments are precious.

A Garden of Plenty..
It was great fun harvesting the rhubarb and berries from our garden, and even more fun was had making and eating the rhubarb crumble.
It tastes so much better when its home grown.

Playing games from your chair is great
especially when it’s wet outside.
“So is Beer O’clock” says Chris & Dennis

It’s all about you, and what you would like to do.
Some like to relax with some pamper time, whilst others enjoy a favourite pastime.