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All Jazzed Up At the Exmouth Pavillion

 We regularly go to see shows in Exmouth and Sidmouth. In October a group of residents went to see the Royal Marine Band. Tonight and tomorrow night residents are watching ‘All Jazzed Up’ – a cabaret type show with tables arranged around the room, two stages and a small big band, with a great selection of swing, dance and great songs. Everyone really enjoyed tonight’s show. And we will be going to the Pavilion again to see Xmas concert with the Royal Marine band for an afternoon and evening performance!


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Doves in Love

IMG_9333 IMG_9334

Nipping out for some fresh air on a wintry morning

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Made with Love by Bill and Pat

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Busy making and tidying up morning

With the rain coming down on us we got busy making things. More nest boxes, Christmas cards and some good old ‘let’s sort this out’ ……

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