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Every little helps

Nice glasses Peter!

Andrea and Tracey

Our Manager and Deputy Manager

They are like Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, like two sides of a coin.

It is rumoured only their parents can tell them apart…

They have family just like us.

They smile in public and cry in private.

They carry the daily burden of responsibility for our family of 33 residents and 50 team members

They absorb the anxieties and emotional burden of our team members every day. Dementia Care is emotional labour and now more than ever, that labour is emotionally draining.

Our team members are also human, they have children at home, elderly parents whose treatments have been de-prioritised, at-risk family members, and friends who are just not coping under lockdown.

Andrea and Tracey are simply the most awesome couple of managers any care home could ever hope to have.

Here they are putting together the weekly food parcels for our team members, so they can reduce their shopping trips and keep our family safe (and because they love them!)

We are all human and we do what we can, and that is enough

We are family

Rose Lodge Fairy Garden City arrived

Looking very dapper Chris!