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Flowers and gambling….

A super afternoon with beautifully arranged flowers and some competitive card games! Sue looked glamorous with a flower in her hair

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What do you do if you do not go to the beach?

There is always something going on for those go do not go on a beach trip – from garden and animals (chicken and fish are well fed here!), walks round our lanes and book clubs. Simples!

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New Year, new diet?

You might have thought so if you wondered in last week to see masses of fruit salad being prepared for lunch by busy bodies….. Fortunately this is a firm favourite for our puddings amongst most people, especially when topped with whipped cream lol

img_20170105_104433 img_20170105_104550 img_20170105_104610 img_20170105_104916 img_20170105_105858 img_20170105_105626

New Year and a special present for everyone

We welcomed 2017 in true Rose Lodge style – fireworks, Buck Fizz, mince pies, Vienna concert and a very special present created with lots of love by Adrian. Two photo albums with memories of trips and parties, already treasured by everyone.

We hear that that some people would like to purchase a copy of the book – please contact Joanna about that.

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Is this another Xmas event?

One would have thought so…. No, just another sociable, relaxed and still busy morning at the Lodge

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