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Bowled over with time to spare for a cuppa

Strikes and spares were in abundance at our trip to the GWRSA playing skittles, they all did really well.

When the postman brings you a surprise, watch your spirits lift right before your very eyes.

Memory Lane

Take a trip down memory lane and explore the nostalgic feelings and memories that always stay with us, they just need awakening.
Dig through the attic, garage or those sideboard drawers. The ones we try to forget about (we all have at least one). You will find lots of items that will trigger fond memories of times gone by. Re-kindling those precious emotions that are tagged by a thought, be it a picture, a letter, a book or an item others may call junk. You will be surprised how good it can make you feel.

Old postcards

a tin of buttons, “I once had a shirt with a button just like that”

1947, well that was a special year for me

Parts of famous quotes and phrases to get the grey matter working hard

Old letters and stamps are a great memory jogger

What else might I find in an old tin?

I had one of these as a young girl, they both said

Flower arranging perfection

Flower arranging can be such a relaxing pastime,
we all like to get involved.

A lick of paint to brighten up a garden shed, makes you feel all summery he said.

Well done Ted, your bright colours have made it look great.