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Getting on with living

It is being able to do and enjoy doing the simple things that matters so much – from reading post with a friend, to doing flowers or being creative and sharing stories.

IMG_20151223_133219 IMG_20151223_101816 IMG_20151223_101916 IMG_20151223_102050 IMG_20151218_142436 IMG_20151223_105916 IMG_20151223_105324 IMG_20151223_105154 IMG_20151223_105018

New – Acrobatics and Disco

Our pre Christmas Disco turned to an acrobatics display by Joyce. That;s the way to do it Joyce!

IMG_20151223_154104 IMG_20151223_152038 IMG_20151218_142334 IMG_20151223_155054 IMG_20151223_154646 IMG_20151223_154150 IMG_20151223_154413 IMG_20151223_153745

Very Dapper

Both Bill and William decided to go for a dapper Xmas look. We love it!

IMG_20151223_115535 IMG_20151223_121214

Spring garden and walks in December?!

Weather so far has been playing tricks with us and we have been taking full advantage of it. This morning the garden and the lanes were ours, bliss. Ethne came back with a beautiful purple memory in her hair

IMG_20151218_152437 IMG_20151218_152458 IMG_20151223_130038 IMG_20151223_114930 IMG_20151223_114647 IMG_20151223_095439IMG_20151223_114625

Tinka and Bony therapy

Our Bony and Tinka are always bound to bring peace and happiness…. they are irresistible! Bony found friendly laps with Gerry, Joyce, Ethne and Peter.

IMG_20151221_152936  IMG_20151221_154019 IMG_20151221_153201 IMG_20151221_152638 IMG_20151221_152236 IMG_20151221_152533 IMG_20151221_152415  IMG_20151221_152755