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Technology is for everyone

Playing games on one of the tablets..
Beating the high score is easy!

We’ve got the rhythm..

Live entertainment at Rose Lodge,

Our singer really got the crowd going, dancing and having fun.


Chair Yoga

We tried chair yoga today

The activity was very well received by our residents, who thoroughly enjoyed it.
They all had a wonderful time with some great feedback, this will have to become a regular activity.


Party Time

We had a fun packed day scheduled, but
the weather has forced us to change our plans.

We were planing on a firework display around 5.30pm and a little bonfire to burn the Guy Fawkes.
Unfortunately due to high winds and rain, we have decided to postpone the fireworks night to different date this month.
Keep checking this blog for news and updates.
For today we will all stay indoors where it is comfy and warm.

We will be re-scheduling our fireworks night, keep checking this space to be kept informed..

Who said you have to be a teenager to understand technology?

Our new tablets are going down a storm

Everybody really like them, and it is promoting a great interactive experience.

Entertainment at Rose Lodge,
Everybody is getting comfortable and ready for the performance of a guest singer.