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Summer Easter weekend in the Lodge – It was amazing!

Lots happening in the garden. Too much to write about – enjoy the postcards

What did we get up during the hot Easter weekend at the Cottage?… before the party

Take a look at out postcards. Amazing weekend spent outside of course. Enjoy

Let me do you hair today

Tash has lovely long hair. Marie loves doing people’s hair, especially Tash’s. So on Friday there was a transformation from a classic and smooth, to an expressive and night -out in town look. Perfect!

Sunny Friday? Gardening? Catching the sun?

What an amazing day yesterday! Perfect weather for some light work in the garden. Harry’s lovingly sown sunflowers were transplanted outside. Arthur and Ian planted new plants in the pond. We enjoyed watching men at work, working on our suntan!

Finishing Touches

We were adding the last finishing touches with Easter decorations, including Easter baskets.