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Freda joined the cottage community only couple of days ago and is already feeling at home in the kitchen, joining the walking parties and making friends. Welcome Freda.

Yesterday the little shop in the garden was officially open for business. Everyone gathered in the garden curious to see what there will be and guess what – ice cream cones and then some marshmallows! And it seemed ice cream tasted better from the shop and in a cone. Judging from people’s reaction it was a success!

Last year a group of people got together with an idea. They formed a team. They worked together. They knew exactly what they wanted to see when they finish and they were prepared to wait. They had to pick paint brushes again.

They had to make all kinds of things right until the weekend.

They worked like crazy right until Monday afternoon. Then they sat down, rested and enjoyed the feast of colour and temptations. Then they called out, “Come and look at what we made. We have a shop!”


Everyone likes going out for walks especially when the sun is shinning. For some people, they are so much more. Chris simply adores being outside and does not stop smiling, whether it is a walk on the beach (like yesterday) or along green, quiet lanes. For Dennis though, who lived in Budleigh Salterton and was a regular there, there is only the beach. We are fortunate to have our minibus and Ian, and they are put to good use every day!

We spent a lot of time in the garden during the weekend. From impromptu singalong with Tracy, to reading weekend papers, chatting and replenishing teas, coffees and ice lollies.