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Sorry love – got to go…

….for a walk. Yes I know it’s cold but there is no such thing as bad weather – only bad clothing!

it’s the season for silly hats..

Having made silly hats we now have to wear them. Sometimes it’s great to just be a little silly.



Rock and Roll!

Living with dementia does not have to mean doing without the joys of listening to live music and dancing. And even if you don’t like dancing, you might just enjoy other people doing the twist!. This was today’s live music and dancing hour at the Lodge, our small community for people living with the later stages of dementia.




An Easter sing-along in the cottage…

Naomi led the Cottage choir in an Easter sing-along today, with some Easter-themed songs and even an Easter quiz. None of us were able to answer one of her quiz questions which was: why does Easter fall on a different date from year to year ? Not only did none of know the answer, Naomi didn’t know herself ! Answers on a postcard please…..

Not everyone wants to join in the sing along, and that is just fine of course. There is nothing quite like curling up with a book in the quiet lounge, reading about history.



Happy Easter everyone!

It is very important for our residents to keep in touch with the seasons and the festivals that punctuate the year. Easter is one of those occasions. For some the meaning of Easter may be religious, for others it represents the start of Spring. For others still the meaning of Easter is to be found in chocolate eggs. We celebrate all.

Here are some of the Easter decorations at the Cottage today:

Easter flowers – Daffodils of course!


This little Easter tree carries ornaments with the resident’s names written on it.

Take one Christmas tree and transform it into an Easter tree!