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Community Living

in the cottage with everyone helping to run the place and keeping busy. Thank you Len. It is good to have some muscles around!img_20161101_110807

Get healthy with our fruit salads!

We love fruit salads either as pudding or a snack in the afternoon. It tastes much better though when made by ourselves, together!

img_20161101_105301 img_20161101_105249 img_20161101_105143

Daily check of the garden

If you come to us often you noticed by now that Ron is in the garden everyday – looking after the animals, plants and fish and getting his hands dirty helping out. I cannot image the garden without Ron!


Happy Birthday Rosina and Peter

Lots of cards, presents, candles, birthday wishes and everyone singing their hearts out.

img_20161104_162734 img_20161104_131138 img_20161104_162649

Living together, working together

community living is at the core of the cottage with everyone helping out to run the place and enjoy it

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