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A little feedback is always appreciated

A special thanks and well done to Donna
for her exceptional attention to care as always

Hello I just wanted to send some feedback following my visit to a resident last night.  My colleague spoke to Donna to triage the call, Donna was able to answer all the questions my colleague asked and went through the JIC bag and prescription to make sure all was in order prior to my Visit.

When I arrived Donna was busy with another resident, she delegated this to another member of staff so that she could assist us quickly.  Donna had everything ready prior to our arrival and answered all my questions, she told me that the resident’s daughter was with her and was upset.

 Donna was very professional in her manner, she stayed over her shift time to make sure the resident was settled and comfortable before she finished her day.  It was nice to be met by a caring professional, please pass on my thanks to Donna for her help during our visit, its nice to know that there are still people willing go above and beyond to look after the elderly in their care.



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The weather outside may be wet and cold but inside we have lots to keep you active and content.

Bring on the smiles and laughter on a trip to the garden centre with tea and coffee after.

Singing out loud and feeling proud

Our afternoon sing-a-long
saw everybody singing at the top of their voice,
The wonderful harmonies carried throughout our home.

Halloween will soon be here, so here are some more preparations underway

Are you ready for Halloween?