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Anyone for cup cakes?

Another rainy morning – what better than preparing beautifully decorated cup cakes (or English fairy cakes) for everyone’s afternoon coffee. Yummyyyyy……. Thank you Kay and Bunny! Gerry and Reg enjoyed watching ladies at work. This was followed by a game of darts – John, Betty and Bunny. We are getting better with more practice over winter and the games are getting very exciting. Close call today – Betty won with John in the second place.

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Our Monday’s Positive Thoughts …..

are needed more than ever these days. I do not know about other places but at Rose Lodge we expect to be out and about. A few of our thoughts today reflected just that. On another note the drama club is so well liked and attended. Today we had 12 people actively participating with others enjoying listing from a safer distance:)

17 feb 2014 drama

Just checking you are OK Enid

Caring for your friends is something that just happens even when you are singing and listening to live music. 

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Keeping up with Ron

Yesterday the ramp to the vegetable garden and the lawn looked as you would expect after winter – lots of weeds and moss.  No more though! Having checked out the shed, tools and the area Ron went outside after lunch where he stayed until it started raining 3hours later. He came back in with rosy cheeks for a cuppa and a cake.

Harry has finally found a second garden mate! Bunny being the first.

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Spring blossom is here

The walks are turning into a hunt for spring blossom with primroses, snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils on their way. Even a short stroll on a windy day is welcome by many. Today Bob loved his long walk in the already warm sunshine.

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