Admissions during the Coronavirus pandemic

During this Coronavirus pandemic we are taking extra precautions to protect our community of residents and carers and this has been effective with none of our residents showing symptoms.

We will admit new residents to our community only when we can satisfy ourselves that we can minimise the risks.

As a minimum we will want to satisfy ourselves that any new resident has isolated effectively for a couple of weeks and where necessary we will help you to do that.

There may be additional precautions after admission which we will discuss and agree before admission.

Wednesday was the hottest day this year

What a day! We spent a lot of time in the garden under our beautiful weeping ash. Some people chose to have lunch on the terrace. It was nice to go back inside to cool down, relax or have an ice lolly.


loved her walk yesterday in our ever changing garden

Sybil and Karen

spend time together every morning – talking, sorting out the wool, sharing family photos.

Perfect start to this week

Monday and with the sun shining there was only only I thing to do – soak up the sun, enjoy the garden and the pets, and cool off inside.

Friday in the cottage was all about garden and flowers