Dates for your diary 2019

Dates & Events at Rose Lodge

Next event:
16th December 2019

Rainbows Carol Singing & Christmas Cards
Please check back regularly
as this post will be updated as more dates are added.

Exercise can be a lot of fun

Jane is really getting us all going with a smile

Words to read and words to find, words will always stimulate your mind

Word puzzles are a great to keep the grey matter working

Old newspapers, post cards and pictures for nostalgic reminiscence 

Keeping up with the latest news

All that reading has made me sleepy, think i’ll just have a little nap đŸ™‚

All Jazzed up

A trip to Ocean for their weekly Jazz night on Thursday was a great social experience for us, it was very busy with every table pre-booked, fortunately we had already reserved one.

Keeping up with the millennial’s

What’s a selfie? we all learn something new everyday,
seems like they are getting the hang of it đŸ™‚

One 2 One

A little one to one time is something we all need sometimes