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What do you do if you do not go to the beach?

There is always something going on for those go do not go on a beach trip – from garden and animals (chicken and fish are well fed here!), walks round our lanes and book clubs. Simples!

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New Year, new diet?

You might have thought so if you wondered in last week to see masses of fruit salad being prepared for lunch by busy bodies….. Fortunately this is a firm favourite for our puddings amongst most people, especially when topped with whipped cream lol

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Community Living

in the cottage with everyone helping to run the place and keeping busy. Thank you Len. It is good to have some muscles around!img_20161101_110807

Get healthy with our fruit salads!

We love fruit salads either as pudding or a snack in the afternoon. It tastes much better though when made by ourselves, together!

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Express your creativity

with flowers or seasonal crafts! Margaret loves her flower arranging

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