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Brief encounters of the ….

third kind? Not really, just a walk along the beach while meeting your granddaughter, friends, talking to schoolchildren having their classes on the beach or chatting to a father with two buys digging for gold

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Kay’s lunch tables

Yesterday Kay decided to organise the tables for lunch after our workout class. She got Ron to do one table, Rene another and within few minutes the tables were set. What a team! Thank you Kay

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Everyone loves Archie

what is there not to love


Annabel and Joy

Annabel is well liked by all the residents and her magic can especially be seen on the ladies as they leave the salon. This morning Joy was no exception as she entered to lounge looking glamorous, classy and happy.

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And the Oscar goes to……..

An awards ceremony today at the drama club. The awards ranged from the 2014 comedian/comedienne, best actor/actress, best juvenile lead, best singer, most glamorous and newcomers. We had some great acceptance speeches too.

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