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Cold windy afternoon, daffodils, dogs and Ethel

While many people would stay away from walks on a cold windy afternoon Ethel enjoys every opportunity to go out. Today, the afternoon quickly turned from nice but windy to cold and windy. Still, Ethel, Meg and Gerry enjoyed a long walk through the Phear Park with frequent stops to talk to dogs, watch children enjoying free afternoon after school and pick some spring blossom.

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Just keep walking

a walk a day keeps the doctor away, keeps us in synch with everyone else including dogs, and allows to offload our thoughts. Feeling the sun on our skins, hearing the birds singing their eve or morning song – what else would one wish to do. Today was no different – Ian, Gerry, Meg, Joy, Bob, Clare and others. Bob loved listening to the birds – they were singing their hearts out this afternoon, Meg loved the flowers.

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Birds of a feather …. ?

our early morning walks tend to attract Dennis, Reg, Harry, Rene, John and Gerry. A quick trip to the beach regardless of the wind is favoured