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Christmas Concert at the Lodge

we had a special treat this week with a wonderful Christmas concert with the superb Withycombe Raleigh Primary School choir consisting on the day on 30 amazing singers. What a treat! Thank you!

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What is the secret of Ladies Team high scores?

Tim believes he discovered the secret of our Ladies Skittle players. Cannot wait till next time. GWRSA thank you very much for welcoming us!

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Moving to the 70’s with a night of Burt Bacharach

A super fun night with Penny, Geoffrey, Sue, Margaret and Sue. Sue  knew all the songs!!

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Team Rose Lodge

Tonight  a team from Rose Lodge went to the Brixington Church for a quiz night. A big thank you to the church community for welcoming us. Big thanks to Tracy, Rosie and Angela for joining the team 😆 It was a wonderful night and one that everyone enjoyed. We were split into two teams. Team fox with Ron, Angela, Dennis, Betty, Elsie and Peter. Team Jaguar with Rosie, Tracy, Reg and Joyce. Team fox turned out to be very competitive and would not offer any help to team Jaguar  😀 We did not win and despite our effort team Jaguar did not come last! All those nights listening to music by Rosie and Tracy turned out to be very useful tonight.

quiz IMG_2286 IMG_2275 IMG_2284 IMG_2282 IMG_2279 IMG_2274 IMG_2270 IMG_2266