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We’ll meet again….


Lucinda is leaving us to travel in India for a few months. She has promised to come back so Naomi led the Cottage choir in a lovely rendition of ‘We’ll meet again’. Having made her promise so publicly she is now honour-bound to keep her promise!

Never realised she is shy though….



Friendships may be fleeting for people living with dementia – a few seconds here, a few minutes there. But even a brief moment of friendship lifts our mood and those warm feelings can persist when the particular act of friendship has been long forgotten.

Portrait of the week

Such presence, such dignity.

Happy Birthday Coral!

There were so many great pictures of Coral this month, I have included some of them here for the family to enjoy.



We love our women, we really do…

…but sometimes there is nothing like the quiet company of other men. The thing is men only have about a thousand daily words and women have three thousand. You get the picture…