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The Earl family singers…

…will be performing on 28th December at the Lodge (2.30 pm) and the Cottage (3.15 pm) next week. The choir consists of Mary Earl who lives in the Lodge and a number of her nieces and was organised by them. Mary is very excited by this and she is keeping a copy of the poster in her handbag if you need a reminder.

Please join us for this wonderful occasion.

Intimate Art class in the Cottage today

Our almost resident art teacher Angie arrived a little late for her art class at the Cottage today and found a number of regulars had come over to the Lodge for the violin concert. I suspect she may come a little earlier next time.

The wonderful sound of the violin

Paul performed his usual magic in the Lodge today with a variety of seasonal and classic numbers. He performed in the Lodge today and a number of people from the Cottage joined. Unfortunately Paul will be having an operation soon and his arm will be in a sling. While he is very talented, playing the violin with an arm in his sling is not one of them. So unfortunately he will not be joining us for a few weeks. We wish him a speedy recovery and a wonderful Christmas.

Christmas service at the Lodge and the Cottage

Just one picture of our Christmas service as I didn’t want to disturb this special moment. The picture is of the service at the Lodge, there was also one in the Cottage today


..has been visiting residents a lot this week. She loves people and they love her back. Sometimes only a dog will do.