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We love our chickens

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Daily chores

From preparing veg for lunch, fruit for fruit salad, laying tables,making cookies or platting Jo’s hair. All make us feel needed and allow us to take part in running our communities, keep us sociable and happy.

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Exploring Running Watercolours

Art@Rose Lodge with Angie group explore watercolour over the last two sessions. Watercolours take us by surprise as they are not so predictable and you need to go with a flow. A new display with watercolour works is up.

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And the laid-back Cottage is catching up

The terrace in the cottage has too been busy with people enjoying the weather and showed a much more laid back attitude. There was a lot of work in building up the suntan (Yes Ron is out and working very hard on it!), teas, socialising and entertaining families and friends.

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The Lodge is serious about sun and outdoor living

This week with the sun out and temperatures rising the Lodge was out in force taking the garden very seriously! From harvesting celery and rhubarb, feeding chickens and fish, games, singing, coffee and tea. Everyone was out and it was lovely to see so many people joining the outdoor living gang.

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