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Angie was here again

Wonderful work on stylised trees and for Joan also Lucky. Super session.

IMG_20170419_142413 IMG_20170419_142341IMG_20170419_140301

IMG_20170419_140410 IMG_20170419_140256 IMG_20170419_140240 IMG_20170419_140213

IMG_20170419_135019 IMG_20170419_135005

They are at it again!

Another wonderful morning outside in the sun with feeding the rabbit, watering the plants, chat and a laugh. Sunny weather makes everyone happierĀ – all resistance is futile.

IMG_20170419_115409 IMG_20170419_114814 IMG_20170419_114727 IMG_20170419_114642 IMG_20170419_113709

Our fountain is back working!

Ian managed to get the pump working and the fountains back. When you are here next come and sit by the pond listening to the sound of water…


Women’s work is never done

IMG_20170414_110609 IMG_20170414_110601IMG_20170406_110527 IMG_20170406_110514 IMG_20170406_110502 IMG_20170406_110051 IMG_20170406_105725 IMG_20170406_105611

A proper movie evening

Sherry, tea and coffee, sandwiches, biscuits and families and friends. Perfect!

IMG_20170408_164442 IMG_20170408_164420 IMG_20170408_164407 IMG_20170408_164350