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Beware – there is singing in the garden!

As the weather improves we are in the garden more often. Nothing could stop Asling from getting people out for coffee/tea and some sing-along. It sounded great!

IMG_20170220_120141 IMG_20170220_120138 IMG_20170220_120136



IMG_20170220_113210 IMG_20170220_104223 IMG_20170220_103911 IMG_20170220_102659

And when we are not outside…..

IMG_20170217_103449 IMG_20170217_103445 IMG_20170217_103421

IMG_20170217_103416 IMG_20170216_122925IMG_20170216_114307IMG_20170216_121530 IMG_20170216_113728 IMG_20170215_113818 IMG_20170215_113422 IMG_20170215_112916_1CS


Chickens found their favourite!

Quite irresistible – Margaret and her yummy food!


IMG_20170216_115529 IMG_20170216_115817

A Perfect Day

A super day today with an amazing choir session in the Lodge,  cute monkey movements in Tai Chi in the cottage, time for the garden and walks, books, quiz with all the trimmings and even a cuddle with Tinker!

IMG_20170220_153235 IMG_20170220_154151 IMG_20170220_153716 IMG_20170221_103805 IMG_20170221_105900 IMG_20170221_113921IMG_20170221_115219IMG_20170221_143032 IMG_20170221_115215 IMG_20170221_115222 IMG_20170221_115228 IMG_20170221_115253 IMG_20170221_135023IMG_20170221_152036IMG_20170221_151809


Catching sun and warmth on Saturday

One day of sunshine and warmth, and everyone seriously went for it. The garden was bursting with activity. There was tea on the terrace, walks and strolls, chickens, as well as cleaning the birds cage………I wish I was there!!!

IMG_20170218_153458 IMG_20170218_153249IMG_20170218_150623

IMG_20170218_151056 IMG_20170218_154134_1CSIMG_20170218_104538IMG_20170218_114440




IMG_20170218_150430IMG_20170218_105119 IMG_20170218_144053 IMG_20170218_142604 IMG_20170218_142316 IMG_20170218_120607 IMG_20170218_114128