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Joining in

Somehow our external specialists and staff make it hard to resist joining in in fun – Valerie joined for few dances on Wednesday’s disco and Ian’s piano session, Sybil tried and enjoyed the fitness class and Coral loves helping out and being busy being useful

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Some things can be contagious and we do not mind!

Some people make certain things interesting and others follow. Sybil for example with her beautiful scarves got Margaret knitting again, Maurie and Betty enrolled Joan recently into word search club, and ┬áCollin followed Ron’s footstpes and joined Ian our maintenance man in putting new beds together .

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A very sweet weekend

A super weekend with cup cakes galore and cake decorating! Colours galore with the creative inout from Sue and Steve! Yummy….. There was socialising, games and walks in the garden. Great weekend

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Anabel’s magic hands

Anabel is very popular here in her salon, leaving everyone feeling born again. Joyce you look stunning!

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Happy Birthday Valerie

It was Valerie’s birthday today with Ian our pianist and the whole Lodge singing Happy Birthday, a cake and candles. Happy Birthday Valerie! 21 again!

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