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Joan’s constant energy

Where does Joan find her energy, I wonder sometimes…. She seems to have more than I often do. Washing, drying, cleaning, laundry, walking, reading…….. What would we do without you Joan?

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Soothing wool

Would is rather therapeutic I think and so sociable. It is easy to sit for ages winding the wool, chatting with others, having a rest over cup of coffee only to pick it up again

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The cottage is one!

I have been looking at the photos from the party and had to remind myself that the cottage is still a baby – it is only one year old! Still, it feels like it has always been there. The garden too looks brilliant and lush and in the summer sunshine one feels one is in the countryside. Thank you Adrian for your great photos!






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Outside living

Having few days of warm air and sunshine turns our living upside down – we liveĀ outside as much as we can without getting ourselves sunstroke! It was rather wonderful to have a group of people spending Friday afternoon under the weeping ash tree chilling out with Deb and her art/craft classes. It was laid back, slow, quiet and rather enjoyable lol

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Ladies team won for the second time!

Betty won the second place and the ladies team won again! Peter won the first place individually – he had a great game. What a morning!

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