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Archive for July, 2016

It is those chickens again!

Well…… chickens, Geoffrey with Tinker…. and Tracey

IMG_20160715_142412 IMG_20160715_142334

Looking for Gold?

IMG_20160724_153729 IMG_20160724_153721

Nobody misses our choir sessions

While we know that a lot of people like music and singing, it also takes someone special to make it a super sociable occasion always heavily attended. Say hello to Naomi!

IMG_20160715_152933 IMG_20160715_152911 IMG_20160715_152854

Christmas? Bill?

It is wonderful to see Bill in the garden so often these days. And no, it is not a pre-Christmas Christmas themed day even if Bill looks like father Christmas minus the hat ­čśÄ



Book morning

Everyone needs a quiet morning to read newspapers and books or catch up with puzzles….. with some classical music playing quietly in the background. Perfect!

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