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Express your creativity

with flower arranging! Are you in doubt? You should see the creative juices flowing when we do them and let others enjoy their beauty afterwards


Anyone for bowling?

Oh yes! What else should we be doing when the weather is calling us?

IMG_8732 IMG_8723  IMG_8731 IMG_8729  IMG_8721 IMG_8738 IMG_8735

What should one do on a summary September morning………?

……………soak up the sun and the views in the garden, meet with friends, talk, have a coffee or a tea and then finish it off with a little bit of fitness. And why not!

IMG_8679 IMG_8676  IMG_8698 IMG_8697 IMG_8685 IMG_8683

And the winner is John!

Congratulations to John for join 1st place and Peggy for 3rd place in the skittles game at the social club. John – you were brilliant!

IMG_8655 IMG_8652 IMG_8649 IMG_8646 IMG_8643 IMG_8640 IMG_8639

I did this!


 Pure joy and satisfaction on Peggy’s face on scoring 8 points in one of her skittles round!