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A very lovely Drama Club

setting the theme for this Friday’s Valentine’s celebrations

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beautiful smile, caring towards others, loves reading, music and singing, great sense of humour, fit as a fiddle and also “Speedy Gonzales”. Jan walks so fast that today, she arrived from a long walk  5 minutes before Margaret, Janet and I came back from our short stroll along the lanes  😀

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A very cultural Thursday

started with a very varied selection of books – from Art, History to Wildlife, classical music and then continued with an overflowing Musical Quiz with John.  People were transfixed listening to beautiful music bringing on smiles, laughter and memories.

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Why is it important to go out?

There is nothing better than chatting to strangers during the walk or making fuss over children or puppies – along our lanes, in town on the seafront…..  It leaves us smiling and talking about it longer after we come back home


Welcome Janet!

Janet joined our community over the weekend and is already making friends. Janet loves walks and enjoyed our walks on the seafront and along the lanes despite the cold. Welcome Janet   😀

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