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Playing catch-up part 1

You have noticed that there were no new posts for a week…… We are still here, busy as usual, only the blog posting machine slowed down! And so we shall start a quick, ¬†catch-up on last week. From walks in between the showers on the beach and in the garden,feeding animals, selecting classical music Cds for the day, playing pub quiz, preparing flowers for the tables to Tai Chi.


IMG_20170301_164107 IMG_20170301_152011 IMG_20170301_160046

IMG_20170301_164054 IMG_20170301_150950IMG_20170301_150902

IMG_20170228_160924 IMG_20170228_152753IMG_20170227_114241IMG_20170228_153409IMG_20170228_152956 IMG_20170228_153020 IMG_20170228_153135 IMG_20170227_111525 IMG_20170227_111024 IMG_20170227_111018

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