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Archive for September, 2017

It is still warm enough to enjoy the garden and the walks

Welcome Mary

Mary joined our community in the Lodge recently with her family of teddy bears. Mary has enjoyed her pampering session with Jane and is settling in her new home. Welcome Mary

It was Don’s Birthday

Happy Birthday Don!

Classical Music will be back

Last week we welcomed Paul to the cottage for an afternoon of  not just classical music but also violin. The room was quiet, everyone was taken by the music and Paul’s soul when creating magic……. We are hoping to have the pleasure of Paul’s violin and music on a regular basis in the Lodge and the Cottage.

When we do not keep fit or sing…..

…. it is nice to read a newspaper and discuss the current affairs, get onto the next puzzle, clean the birds cage, spend time with Tinker Bell, listen to your favourite music, be sociable……..