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Archive for September, 2016

Peggy and Margaret on laundry duty

Mornings are always busy with walks, garden including daily chores – this time laundry. Thank you ladies!

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What a delightful weekend!

This was a surprising and a wonderful weekend – sunny, warm and still feeling like summer with everyone  enjoying the weather and the gardenimg_20160917_143210img_20160917_143134img_20160917_143128img_20160917_143202img_20160917_145058img_20160917_145010img_20160917_144958img_20160917_145119


The Last Night of the Proms …. in the Pavillion

A superb night last week at the Pavilion for the Last Night of the Proms

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Beware – ghosts are in the Cottage!

Rosina and Mary enjoyed their face masks despite looking like ghosts. It’s nice to be pampered


Horses for courses

Reg has always loved reading and in the cottage he found his favourite selection of books.  He now has a fellow reader – Margaret!