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A red currant fool – courtesy of Jan, Pat and Betty – yummy……

Thank you Jan, Pat and Betty for picking, washing and blending these currants and giving us this amazing pudding tonight!


IMG_7290  IMG_7340

Taking time to enjoy the sun and the company


Getting ours hands dirty with Pete

Pete comes to us weekly and his gardening club is exciting and popular. We are able to learn and go through the whole cycle of garden work throughout the year.  Today we have been taking cuttings for plants for next season, sowing and planting vegetables. And we celebrated that with a glass of cherry afterwards …..

IMG_7576 IMG_7578 IMG_7579 IMG_7580

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What do we get upto at the social club?

Socialising, playing skittles and finding out who is better at building structures from beer mats!


Being Happy

means different things to different people at different times….. Often it is the simple things like being fussed by and fussing over Tinker, giving someone a hand massage and sitting together holding hands, allowing yourself to be carried by beautiful music with your friends and your family, admiring beautiful views, talking to your family on the phone, talking to strangers just because ……

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