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What a great choir we have with Naomi

Our choir session with Naomi are popular and today was no different

IMG_6832_2 IMG_6857_2 IMG_6833_2 IMG_6856_2 IMG_6832_2   IMG_6851_2 IMG_6845_2 IMG_6834_2 IMG_6835_2 IMG_6844_2

Keep fit, snooze in the sun and enjoying the company

IMG_6820 IMG_6811 IMG_6809 IMG_6808 IMG_6806 IMG_6803 IMG_6827 IMG_6824 IMG_6823

Hunting for the strawberries and Pam’s broad beans

Lovely morning in the garden with coffee, looking for strawberries harvesting and shelling broad beans. Pam likes the garden and really enjoyed herself and the company of Elsie, Rene, Dennis and others.

IMG_6799 IMG_6797 IMG_6793 IMG_6791 IMG_6788 IMG_6783 IMG_6803


Jenga time


Don helps the Caterpillars win against the Ladybirds!

This is not a frequent occurrence so you can imagine how frilled the Caterpillars were winning by 1 point against the Ladybirds lead by Dennis! They won with the help of Don who amazed everyone with his broad knowledge.

IMG_6766 IMG_6769 IMG_6770 IMG_6772