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A great skittles match!

We now go regularly to GWRSA social club on Fridays – to go out, meet new people, enjoy a drink and have a game. Today we had a fab skittles match – the 1st place won by Ron, 2nd by Reg and 3rd by Dennis. Looking forward to next week already!

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Feel the music

Our “disco” Tuesdays are well liked and there is always people on the dance floor, or tapping their feet. When there is good music played feet start dancing  😀


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We like our library

Our library is used daily especially in the autumn and winter months with a good selection of books from military and aviation, history, gardening and nature and sport. And it gets better when Tinka keeps your company

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A bit of love

IMG_4320 IMG_4321

A very close darts game

watched with interest by Tinka! What a great and close match it was – Betty and Rose going neck to neck with me trailing miles behind!

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